Our Rooms

Tiddlers Room

6 Weeks – 2 Years

The Tiddler Unit provides a caring and safe environment for babies from the age of 6 weeks to 2 years.  The staffing ratio is 1 member of staff to a maximum of 3 children.  This allows the children to explore, socialise and learn within a warm and friendly environment.  All the children are encouraged to contribute and experience the activities that take place during the day.

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Toddlers Room

2 Years – 3 Years

The Toddlers Room is sectioned off into areas for different types of play. 

    • The Home Corner – activities include dressing up and roleplay.
    • The Book Corner – enables children to have some quiet time.
    • The Messy Area – includes lots of water, play dough and sand!
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Tumblers Room

3 Years – 5 Years

The Tumbler unit has many different areas available that provide lots of different play experiences. The whole room can be accessed by all of the children all of the time. The investigation area is set out for the children to discover different textures and materials. We also encourage the children to care for our pets, which promotes confidence and responsibility.

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